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The Mimi Experience

My Dad's Mom, Elaine Midgley, passed away this year in June. I called her Mimi and had the joy of spending every summer with her growing up. She taught me about sweetness of every kind - from cookies to sharing and making the best of every moment. I'm so lucky to have known her, and even luckier to have had her as my Mimi. After she died, my Dad's song "Experience" started to have a different meaning to me. I started to hear it as though Dad had written and sung the song for this very occasion, and I felt inspired to collaborate. I guess it was just my way of saying farewell to a wonderful woman and role-model. I love the fact that the song was started by her own son, making it a reminder of the incredible power of love to outlast a lifetime.

[The Mimi] Experience

by Doug Midgley and Allison Gosalvez

Will we be together somewhere

Someday, is there any way to know?

Let time and life be free to go its way

And let your feelings let you know

We can plan and save to steer our hopes

To what we think we need

But time will change the way we see

For experience is just a seed

That only grows once we perceive