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The Story Of A Halloween Song

October sure rolled around fast this year! I feel like, as is fitting for such a spooky month, it really sneaked up on me. AHHHH! Surprise. IT'S HALLOWEEN TIME!

When Droo and I first started talking about getting into the Halloween spirit, it was already two weeks into October. We decided we'd consider possibly trying to maybe come up with some sort of offering for the world as far as a new Halloween song goes, but... you know, no pressure.

Honestly, I think we were both half kidding.

Turns out, two half-jokes can make a pretty kickass whole-song... and fast!

It started getting serious when, knowing Droo and I had a sesh coming up on the 18th, I decided to actively open myself up to lyrics and imagery that might denote the holiday's scary and unpredictable overall vibe. I wore a lot of black and put on edgier makeup than I normally do. One might go so far as to say that I wore 'blood colored lenses,' for the remaining month.

On the morning of the 16th, while practicing the guitar and allowing myself to feel especially receptive, an eerie melody came to me. I can't even begin to describe my level of enthusiasm for it as I went on to figure out exactly how to pluck the small part on guitar. Then the words! The words seemed to want to flow out as well... like blood from a severed... never-mind, too much.

Anyway, I wrote out some verse ideas and proceeded on with the slightly darker version of my life.

Later that same day, while taking a shower ((do everyone's best ideas happen in the shower!?)) a new, oddly chipper melody came to mind with some lyrics attached that I really liked, including the four words that ultimately became the song's title. As soon as I was dry, I decided it was time to record and share 'em with Droo. I sent the recording with a clearly written caveat that the melody for the chorus was 'nothing serious.'

"It's just too out-of-place," ...I thought.