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Harps & Harmonies

Life is impossible to predict! Never in a million-billion years could I have guessed that my next musical opportunity would be presented to me by my dad's old songwriting buddy in the form of a Roy Orbison tribute band!

If you don't know who Roy Orbison is, think "Pretty Woman." His amazing achievements include inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Songwriters Hall of Fame, and the Musicians Hall of Fame. He received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and five other Grammy Awards. The guy did some truly epic stuff!

Getting to know his music as intimately as I am is working out to have some surprising perks, too! I get to hone my ear for harmonies, get dressed up in amazing era-specific attire, study extraordinary songwriting, and even hone my chops as a harp player - I'm actually playing the harmonica in three or more of the songs on our set list! This group is filled with amazing talent. I'm deeply honored to be performing with Bob and Lisa Peek, Denny Francis, Jason Tandeta, Nadine Ronson, and Joey Periera, and it absolutely boggles my mind to think that my dad might actually have been in this band had he lived another 25 years or so. Sometimes, I think I feel him rocking out with us in the room. Certainly, he must be smiling to know his daughter is boldly jamming alongside the pals of his lifetime.

We have some really cool performance videos coming out, which I'll be sure to share here soon. In the meantime, here are some pictures of me and the crew being silly and delving into rehearsal mode.