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A Day In The Life


-Wake up

-Vitals are taken and blood is drawn

-I elect to workout in my room

-8am The Doctor of Medicine checks in

-8:15am Nutrition checks in to see if I’m ready for breakfast

-8:30am Breakfast is delivered

-Morning medicine delivered

-AM dose of special mouthwash

-Whiteboard is updated with current blood counts

-I give myself a full body sponge bath

-My bed is given an entirely new set of sheets and blankets

-9:30am The oncologist checks in

-10:15am The Doctor of Medicine, Oncologist, P.A.'s, Social Worker, and Pharmacist all circle the bed together to examine me, discuss my case, and answer any questions

-Someone stops by to take my lunch and dinner order

-My room and belongings get completely sanitized/disinfected