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A Gift for Your EarthDay

In celebration of this Earth Day, Droo and I are releasing '2020,' A song that got its start from lyrics written in 1979. In fact, the song was called '1979' when written by my dad, Doug Midgley. I heard it for the first time years after he had passed away and felt so moved by the words and topical relevance that I decided to write a follow-up of sorts. I call it, '2020.'

As I wrote my response, what surprised me most was just how many of the concerns expressed by my dad about the state of the world in 1979 still remain major pain points today. His sentiments are so valid today that I went so far as to incorporate a full verse from his song into mine! Here are the original 1979 lyrics for your enjoyment today and everyday because, hey, EVERY day is Earth Day!


By: Doug Midgley

Everybody's talkin' 'bout

The things that they had

Just ain't the same

Since the money went bad

I got a $20 bill

And it ain't worth a dime

I'd bend down to pick that dollar up