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The Evolution of a Techno Dance Video

Yesterday marked a dance instructor's return to Bay Club. Anthony, who had taken a short hiatus, is back to teach his hiphop class on Fridays. I went in celebration of his return. It is amazing how much he is able to get us to commit to memory in a matter of one hour! We learned this routine to an Usher song and, when the class was over, I convinced Anthony and a few other brave souls to record us marking the dance for future reference. When I got home, I thought I'd play around with the footage a bit and ended up adding my new single, Comeback, as the audio. Our dancing synced surprisingly well with the song, so I sent my silly draft to Digital Droo. You know, just for fun...

In no time at all, Droo had taken the just-for-fun concept to the next level! He created a 90's Techno Remix of the song, arranged especially to fit on top of our choreography! AMAZING!

Let me tell you... a brand new rendition of a song, complete with surprise music video and splashes of neon, is enough to turn a regular Friday night into a full blown PARTY!

In an excerpt from SoundCloud, Digital Droo had this to say:

"I saw a clip of Allison bustin' moves in her dance class and thought I'd whip up a quick retro dance remix of Comeback."

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