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If We Can, Why Don't We?

I returned from the most amazing adventure to Las Vegas and, the next day, woke up to news about the mass shooting at Mandalay Bay. We missed what they are now referring to as a MASSACRE by one day. It's impossible to feel lucky when there is so much pain, panic, sadness, and devastation out there. When I meditated today, I did so with the intention of absorbing the world's hurt and emanating love and healing energy. I was surprised by the physical manifestations of both intentions as I sat there. Where the absorption of hurt is concerned, I found myself fighting through a total panic attack, complete with hyperventilation and a crazy gagging reflex. It was so intense and very difficult to sit through, but I held on. Eventually, I allowed my focus to shift to love and emanating light. What a vastly different experience that was! I could actually see light through my closed eyes, and it shone so brightly that there was no room left for dark. I lost myself in the gloriousness of oneness, light, and love, and when I came out of my meditation, I could hear my Dad singing...

If we can love each other, why don't we love each other?

Love Each Other

by: Doug Midgley and Bob Peek

As we go into the next century

Don't you think it's time

To take all our silly difference

And put them to the side

If we can love each other

Why don't we love each other

If we can love each other

Why don't we love each other