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Straight From The Source

Today is only a couple of days into my musical journey with the guitar. I've been totally dedicated and am beginning to feel a bit of progress build up. I'm even starting to believe what I always hoped would be true; there is a magical connection between me and Dad's Hummingbird guitar. I can't believe I waited so long to hug her, to feel her vibrations resonate in my bones. Feeling sound... is pretty neat.

There is a pocket chord guide just laying inside the Hummingbird guitar case - something I simply ignored before for its daunting complexity. Now, though, my desire to dig into MAKING music has compelled me to pick up the book and peer inside. I was delighted to discover Doug Midgley's own handwritten notes! He wrote with a dull green colored pencil. He erased wrong chord names and took the time to print out and paste in a series of corrected answers where he must have had a tough time.

Um... I'm pretty sure it's possible that I am now learning to play the guitar and apply music theory via the very same book he did. Does that mean he's my teacher?

This is going to be the best time EVER! Kicking it with my pops from the other side, over music, through his guitar, and with his own notes. Talk about feeling connected to Source Energy!

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