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Learn and Do It Now

I want to know my Dad. I want to share experiences and learn more about life and music from him than our short 10 years together allowed. I want to honor my Dad and perpetuate his legacy. ​In his song, Bon Fire, he wrote: Don't count our love in dollars, time or favors And I know our love will grow in leaps and bounds Don't look back on what we could have done Just learn and do it now ​ So, I'm taking his advice... On 1/9/2016, after years of wishing I could play the guitar like him, I'm finally picking it up. I'm finally going to "learn and do it now." Mom always says, "If not now, when!?" So what the heck have I been waiting for!? Today I'll pick up the guitar and maybe someday, I'll be able to play the guitar.

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