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Reunited with a Hummingbird

My Journey Home with Dad's Guitar

After 20 years of anticipation, today marks a significant milestone as I embark on a journey back home from my grandparents' house, cradling the cherished Gibson Hummingbird guitar of my father, Doug Midgley. In its presence, I feel an overwhelming sense of completeness and pure joy.

This guitar holds an indelible place in my memories of Dad. It accompanied him on camping trips, becoming a constant companion wherever he ventured. Its strings resonated in living rooms, cafes, and spirited jam sessions. Legends even speak of its presence on a sailboat, carrying melodies across the open sea.

Now, as I sit on this airplane, aware that the guitar rests beside me, I feel an intimate connection to Dad. Its presence evokes his essence, as if he is by my side. Though I may never master its chords, I vow to embrace it with heartfelt hugs, cherishing this sweet Hummingbird as a symbol of our unbreakable bond.

Wandering through the airport, I relish the added intrigue that carrying an instrument brings. I strive to walk with a casual confidence, envisioning it as a precursor to a future where music seamlessly weaves through my life.

My grandparents, lovingly referred to as Mimi and Papa, have safeguarded Dad's guitar since his passing in 1995. Perhaps they awaited the moment when I would mature enough to care for it as he did. The stars have aligned now, just a month after my 30th birthday, and words cannot express the elation I feel.

This blog marks the beginning of a remarkable journey. Through music, I will honor my father's legacy, literally embracing the melodies that connect us across time. Join me as I unravel the profound impact of music and the unconditional love it carries.


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