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Flying Through Cloud9, Walking On Sunshine

It has been a long time coming, and here it is! Today, I am traveling home with Doug Midgley's Gibson Hummingbird guitar in hand.

I feel more complete, somehow... and so much happier.

The story of this guitar is fun. Apparently, my Dad, a teenager at the time, asked his parents if he could go with his classmates on a school ski trip. When they consented to the trip and agreed to pay the required fares (totaling conveniently close to the cost of the guitar on my Dad's wish list), my Dad changed his tune and asked for a guitar instead. At that point, they always asked as they told the story, "How could we say NO?"

My memories of my Dad always include this special guitar. He took it camping and practically any time he left the house. He played it in living rooms, cafes and jam sessions. I've even heard tales of him with it on a sail boat.

Now, sitting here on an airplane, aware that the guitar is traveling home with me, I feel physically closer to Dad. It feels like being near him. Although I can't imagine ever being able to play it, I intend to hug it often and cherish this sweet Hummingbird with all my heart.

It's been fun walking through the airport, taking in all the extra intrigue a person carrying an instrument receives. I'm trying to walk with it like someone that does it all the time - trying to look casual about it in hopes that it foreshadows the rest of my life.

My Dad's parents (Mimi and Papa) have been holding onto his guitar since he passed away. I imagine they were waiting for me to mature enough to care for it properly. I'm not sure how or why the stars aligned now, almost a month after my 30th birthday, but I am elated... to say the very least.